The Present

On The Miracle of The Present, by Marianne Williamson. “It’s nothing more than a mental habit to idealize another time, another condition, another reality.  It is simply a way to avoid the reality of our lives right now.  And in avoiding the reality of our present circumstances, we avoid the miracles they offer.  Everyone does […]

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Homeward Bound

Well, I haven't posted for a while.  I haven't taken any good pictures, to much smoke everywhere! I've been laying low in places like Nanaimo. (I've met many people from Nanaimo when I lived in Banff, once upon a time.  Man they were all Squirrely.  Or perhaps we all were back then?  Them just more […]

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Comox BC

I'm hanging out in Comox BC for a week I figure. This weekend I'll hit a little Festival called the Filberg Festival. There'll be some fairly big names there; Barney Bentall (holy '80s flashback), Jim Brynes (blues), David Gogo. Delhi 2 Dublin and a bunch of other acts. I'll let u know how it goes. […]

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Fishing with Capt’n Don!

Went fishing the other evening with Capt’n Don Bolton.  Robbins aunts boyfriend.  I used to think farmers were pretty tough, ocean farmers might be a little tougher! We went out for salmon but unfortunately only caught a lousy dog fish.  To bad.  But it was a beautiful evening and it was great hearing old stories […]

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