Castlegar, BC June 21

I decided to treat myself to a shower and wifi.  Geez I’m such a city slicker. Lol.  I drove up to this interesting RV park right on the Kootenay River.  Here at Castlegar the Kootenay joins with the Columbia river and heads south.  At first I almost turned around because the campers are pretty packed like sardines at first glance.  But I didn’t feel like driving anymore. Lol.  

The campground is on an old Drive-In theatre lot and they still have the screen up and use the projector building as the office etc.  Plus the owners and staff were super nice, so I stayed.  

I’ll hang here for a couple of days and do some biking, maybe check out the Dukabor museum and sculptures downtown which are suppose to be pretty amazing.

I can sure feel the difference in air quality down here already.  That’s ok, still slept like a rock last night.  Suppose to get hot now though.  That’s ok!

Thats the theatre screen on the left.  The park is called the Kootenay River Campground.  A strange kinda campground with tons of rules.  I would have kept showing movies though I think!  You know for all the campers.

Tomorrow I’m off to the famous Christina Lake.  I’m gonna spend 4-5 days in Gladstone Provincial park and do some hiking, biking and hopefully swimming.  Cheers!

Castlegar: June 21 bike ride.

Just close to downtown is Millennium Park.  Pretty impressive.  Bike paths and these very Kool swimmiming ponds they’ve crested with intake from the river.  Beaches as well!

Dukabor village.  They settled this area big time.  White Russians as I’m told they were sometimes called because they still believed in the Czar but when Stalin or Lenin (I forget which?) killed the royal family many Russians fled the country, luckily.

June 22 off to Christina Lake today!

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