New Denver: Slocan Lake

June 19 & 20 I stayed in Roseberry creek provincial park.  Just north of New Denver on the Slocan lake.  Beautiful country, peaceful.  I’m realizing that I could or should spend a year in each place I stop.  There is so much to experience in each little town.

Tons of bears in the area apparently.  A gal at Valhalla sports in New Denver said they had record numbers around town last year.  Luckily I never ran into Yogi.

It’s amazing how clean and full the air is when you are in these cedar and spruce forests.  I feel, breath and taste what air is suppose to be like I think?  All the trees pump out so much oxygen and the lakes and rivers infuse it with moisture, wonderful and truly reguvinating.  I can’t remember the last time I slept so well.  I would highly recommend anyone with insomnia to head to the BC wilderness.

But as well as I was sleeping and all, I felt as I went more north there was more isolation.  I need this trip to be about connecting with people more.  Sure I could have hung out there and eventually met some folks but I also wanted some heat!  So I packed up and decided to head south a couple hours to Castlegar.

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