June 22 Christina Lake BC

Hanging out in Christina Lake.  Beautiful is an understatement.  I’m heading to the beach today and give that paddle boarding a try.

Last night I went to an open mic at the Welcome Centre.  It’s a Kool little info centre with a great little cafe called Lisa’s Bistro.

Some pretty professional musicians last night.  I followed some kid who did his own hip hop rap music.  Wow, could he talk rapidly!  Very impressive.  Of course I couldn’t resist myself and had to do a, She Left Me for Jesus rendition and then ended with Moma’s Got her Boobs Out.  As usual the audience was pretty stunned but I got some good chuckles from some people.  There’s a strange part of me that always feels gratitude when after I do my set the MC says, “Well……how do you follow that? Lol.  I really need to start writing my own goofy songs!

All in all a night of meeting good people and having some good fun!

This is the father and son who organize the Open Mic.  Wow could they sing.  The son Is just 17 and boy could he play and sing.  At 17 he’s already putting out CDs.  I should have written down their names. Oops.

7 thoughts on “June 22 Christina Lake BC

  1. Looks like a good night. Yeah, you should start writing your own goofy songs. When you think about it Its really just taking your goofy life and rhyming it. If you need more material, just do more goofy stuff. So Simple 🙂


  2. Good on you Geoff! Looks like a cool little venue, never been to Christina lake..Bet you dropped a few jaws! Ha Ha!!:)


  3. Very cool open mike setting Geoff. And I concur with Ed and John Prine re; ‘writing ur own goofy…’ There’s a ton of goofy out there to write about!


  4. Hey Geoff, while you are traveling through beautiful BC, you could do a tour of open mics! People always enjoy your humor, even if some are a wee bit shocked. I’m sure you could put your own spin on the theme, write, play, sing. I’m glad I’ll get a chance to see you on tour 😉


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