Christina Lake Still! June 26

I’m still hanging in Christina Lake. I’m big time in my element in lake country.  When I was a kid my parents would always take us to friends of theirs cottages for a few weeks each summer. Then when I got older I was lucky enough to have friends with cottages.  I think “cottage” is an eastern used term? But man I wish I had one!

I’ve moved from the provincial campground to a small campground close to town with full hookups and its own private beach. Not much socialization in the parks really. And it had a lousy beach. 

Digging the weather though. One day I went paddle boarding then yesterday went kayaking. Now I gotta find someone with a boat to go skiing! 

Nothing to paddle boarding.  But I think I like sittin down better. Lol

If u can enlarge the above photo u can see a group of monarch like butterflies hanging out on the beach in front of the kayak.  They’re all over the beaches here.  Pretty Kool.
One thing interesting about biking in the mountains I’ve learnt. Nowadays it’s a good idea to have two water bottle carriers on your bike. One for water & one for bear spray.  ðŸ‘.  Thankfully I’ve not had to use the bear spray yet!

It’s so nice here I think I’ll stay till Thursday. And get out before the long weekend, before all the other crazy Albertans get here.  Gonna head to Rock Creek along the Kettle River.  Jim & Char got me in touch with their friend Melanie, who has land I can camp on. 

As I’m slowly getting my super powers back, I’m thinking of heading up the Sunshine Coast.  I’ve got a place to crash north of Gibsons, Roberts Creek and then maybe Robbins family will adopt me or something in Lund?! 🙃

Alls good.  Geez this is really an experience of a life time!  Thanks again for all your support my friends!

Real lake country is in Quebec and Ontario if u ever want to check it out.  Maybe Manitoba to eh Ed?  Cheers!🤠

2 thoughts on “Christina Lake Still! June 26

  1. Looks like lake life really suits you Geoff! And I’m happy you seem to be leaning into this experience 👍 And getting you ‘super powers’ back 😇 Ya! Head on up to Lund – I’ll be there July 21-30th is my plan so maybe we can overlap a couple of days at least?


    1. Hi Robbin! Yep, I’m leaning into it now. I’m just going with the flow and seeing where the universe guides me to go. I kinda like living this way.

      Good to know you’ll be up in Lund then. I’m slowly edging my way there.

      My first goofy song is almost finished. Called, Sex In a Tent. I’ll forward u a listen once I get it tweeked. Lol.

      Off to meet up with Ed & Bev, Cody & Francesca in Penticton today. And do some serious beachin!



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