I love lakes.  Even haunted ones!

For the next few days I’m staying at Skands Campground in Christina Lake.  Been in this area for almost a week.  They’re even giving me a locals discount at the Kayak rental place. Lol.  It pays to be chatty!

This is an interesting Campground.  The great great grandfather of the now owner Les, bought the land in 1908 and farmed it, Scandinavian decent. Well probably cleared trees and bush for a few years. It’s probably only about 20 acres but has about 60 yards of beachfront.

Then it was handed down to Les’ great grandfather around 1924.  Sometime in those 1920’s the great grandfather and ten of his friends decided to get drunk and piled into a row boat for a ride to the middle of the lake in a slatted wood boat.  So not a seemless fibre glass or steel one like today’s.  This was in May.  So the slats came apart.  All ten men drowned.  And they never found the bodies.  Ouch.  I guess hypothermia crept in quick?  High levels of alchohol would not have helped either.  Plus probably had heavy woolen clothes on?  Must have been pretty cold for 10 Scandinavians not to be able to swim out.  Maybe none of them could swim?  Or not much thought about safety in 1924?

It’s a big lake but I know I could swim across it in the dead of summer.  However I did some lengths last night between docks and was pretty winded. Lol. Who knows?  Each little area has its own tale.  

I also learnt that even though this Lake is a boaters oasis in summer the area can get socked in with clouds, snow and rain during winter.  It basically is just a summer fun area. However it is popular for snowmobiling, back country skiing and a hub for a couple of ski hills within an hours distance.  Oh, and a popular place to grow weed in the summer.  Remember the grow op that was feeding bears in order to attract them as “security guards”?  That was here. Lol.

Here’s the new digs at Skands:

Off for more kayaking today! 😎. I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! 🙃

2 thoughts on “I love lakes.  Even haunted ones!

  1. That’s pretty potent – good tourist folklore too! Lol! Hey you finding any more open mikes to play ur new songs at??


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