Fraser Valley, north of Mission BC

I decided to get out of the Okanagan.  I was gonna camp in a cheezy trailer park right beside Skaha lake for a few days, but I decided I had enough of that heat and the hoards of people.  Plus smoke is moving into the valley from the forest fires.  I plotted a plan to head north to Wells provincial park but to many fires up that way.

So, I packed up and headed west.  I don’t know if all of u have travelled the Coquihalla Hwy but man, how the hell did they build that?!  If ur afraid of heights, beware.

I’m in the Fraser Valley, north of Mission BC. 2 hrs east of Van.  I’m thinking of slingshoting through Van and catching a Ferry to the Sunshine Coast.  

How did all the gays get to Vancouver?  They all rode in on a fairy! Ha.  An ex BC ferry guy told me that a few weeks ago.  Bad I know.  And even sadder I remembered it!

I’m stayin at a strange little 10 acre farm I found on Airbnb.  It seems like an oriental guy from Coquitlam bought the land and his parents who don’t speak English live here and farm the gardens.

This was cheaper than a campsite so I went with it.  I’m sleeping inside for the first time in a month and a bit.  Kinda wish I was in the trailer actually!  Lol

Here’s the new view;

To bad they didn’t have air b n b’s and blogs when we were in Europe eh Steve.  Something to be said for postcards though!

Here’s the view out the kitchen window!

Am I evil or what?😎

That’s a picture right out of the Farside?!

I think I’ll head into Vancouver tomorrow and look up some old friends?

I’ve been rambling around BC for a bit now and just saw my first bear here.  I was driving so I didn’t get a pick. A little black bear.  Kool.

Adios, Ramblin G-Man, out.

6 thoughts on “Fraser Valley, north of Mission BC

  1. U keep coming up with connections everywhere u go- the sign of a very astute traveler!! Or Rambeling Man! See u up the Sunshine Coast friend!


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