Westbank Orchard

Well I’ve left The orchard and Westbank.  Talk about hot, talk about traffic.  It was interesting in the orchard to say the least.  One thing to remember when crashing in an orchard is that it is a farm.  Roosters crowing, tractors, bird guns going off at 5:30 am, people coming and going to pick cherries. But some how there was peace there away from the mass tourists of Kelowna. Lol.

Above, My vineyard backyard view for a few days in Westbank.

Morning in the orchard.  The last time I spent the night in an orchard was in France in the ’80’s. I think it was France. We had no Tent, just slept on the ground under the stars. Pulled off somewhere with our bicycles.  I remember being quickly awoken early in the AM when the sprinkles went off!  Or was it some sort of pesticide/herbicide?  🙃 Memory fades eh. Do u remember Steve?

Anyhow, this time the stay was a little more comfortable!


2 thoughts on “Westbank Orchard

  1. Lmfao! Ya it was pesticides the Oldtimer was spraying, rolling our sleeping bags out in random fields for the night is a long time back. Crazy good time! I’m enjoying the Blog, talk soon


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