Book List

Picture above: High atop on the Coquihalla connector
I’ve decided to share and create a book list.  This travelling is a bit of a pilgrimage for me, a re-connection, a different or maybe a more remembered perspective on life, now that I think of it.  Along the way I have ran into several intuitive people, I’ve told them my story and some have offered me some words of wisdom and interesting books to read along the way.  Here are some of the books I would recommend.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari.  I think every man, woman and child should read this entertaining account of how we got to where we are on this planet.  If each kid would read this book instead of going to boring history class, life would be more understandable.  Thanks Ed!

Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari.  Sapiens was so good I had to start reading his thoughts on the future.  Fascinating as well.  A definite must read!!!!

The Creation Guild. By Janice Gallant.  A wonderful little book that helps one to recalibrate and ground their life.  Thank you Suzanne and Janice.

The Book of Secrets, by Osho.  This book is why I ended up in Penticton for a while.  I met a woman in The Crowsnest Pass who felt I needed this book for my journey.  So she kindly ordered me a copy and sent it to a friends house in Penticton where I picked it up.   Thank you Sheila. It is a book about the science of self-realization, the Science of Tantra.  I know you are all thinking, “All right, more sex positions”😎 But the word Tantra means “technique”.  So yes, a small portion of Tantra covers sex, thankfully. Lol.  But sex can be part of self realization I think.  It may not be for everyone but this type of book fuels me.  

**Note:  if you’d like to start investigating the techniques of Trantric Sex I’d suggest starting with books by David Deida.  They will surely open a new perspective for you. 😉

Letting Go: A Pathway To Surrender, by David R. Hawkins.  I’ve only read this mans biography but this guy was pre Eckhart Tolle and wow, a must read for me once I find a book store.  Check him out. Thanks Farlie.

To Touch The Soul: How To Become A Medium, by Judith Rochester.  I had met Judith over 25 yrs ago when she was first contemplating putting a book together.  She’s one of those beautiful people that one is thankful to have met in their life.  I’ve just been told that her long awaited book is now available on Amazon.  I’m looking forward to getting a copy and I know many of you will enjoy this book!  Thank you Sue and Judith.

The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates.  I’m gonna put this one on here because I was reminded the other day of how important it is to keep the digestive system in a good PH balance.  More alkaline than acidic.  When the body moves into a higher acidic PH, that is when disease and breakdown and nasty critters set in.  Must know knowledge for everyone.  Thank you Dr. Simpson.

The Razor’s Edge, by W. Somerset Maugham.  Some of you might remember this title from the films.  The first one was with Tyrone Power and then Bill Murray played the leading role.  Lol, it’s not a comedy though.  The book was written around 1944. It reminded me of my little pilgrimage, travelling around.  Well worth a read or a watch.  Thanks Tyrone and Bill!

A Course In Miracles.  I had to mention this one, as it’s been my go to book for the last decade regarding self realization techniques.   Along with so many accompanying books that help one get a handle on it.  Thanks Helen and Bill.

Adventures in Solitude; what not to wear to a nude potluck and other stories from Desolation Sound.  A quirky little book of short stories of interesting characters who live up in the Desolation Sound.  A very entertaining read if you’ve ever been up past Lund BC.  Thanks John!

***If anyone reads this stuff I post?, I think it would be Kool to add to this list.  If there are any important reads you’ve come across, let me know and I will add them here to share. And read em myself!

Picture above: the road to the Kettle Valley rail trail.  Rock Creek BC.

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