They Paved Paradise…..

As Joni Mitchell once sang;  they did pave paradise and put up a parking lot!

I’m staying at Burnaby Cariboo Rv and campground in Burnaby BC.  I wonder if Cariboo ever did go through here?  What I now notice more with the west coast and BC in general, is that the wilderness is just at your door, or being held back.  I’m close to Burnaby lake and there is forest around the park, with creeks and rivers but you can hear the constant flow of traffic continually around you.  And trains run right by the park on one side.  And there’s a Costco a couple blocks away.  Phew.  I’m back to city noise!  I’m glamping in the heart of a city.  Pretty neat!

What’s important to note with the pictures above is my amazing parking job…and that I didn’t take out any of the hedges! 🤠

One thing my body notices for sure is the air quality. Up in the Kootenays and Slocan Valley, in amongst the cedars and lakes, you just wanted to drink in the clean refreshing air.  And my body would look forward to each breath, especially in the mornings.  It would just say, ahhhhhhhhh, yes!  And I never slept better.  Here and through the Okanagan it’s tough to take a deep breath.  Or want to.  The first deep breath I took on the way to the shower this morning was the sadly familiar taste of diesel and carbon monoxide.  Thank a God for the trees!

All in all life’s good.  Got a tea time lined up for today.  And a tee time lined up for Thursday!🙃

Totally uncertain of where I’m headed next, except west-ish.😎

Now I can’t get Joni Mitchell’s song out of my head! Lol.

One thought on “They Paved Paradise…..

  1. Excellent posts Geoff. Please keep them coming.

    Trust your path and it will lead to beautiful, nuanced enlightenment.

    I wish you the best of health and happiness on your travels.



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