I figure when Eden is burning the safest place to be is by the ocean.  But it’s time to set sail from Vancouver and head north up the coast.  I’m off to Nairn Falls by Pemberton today.

Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in a small town for the last 11 years but here in the city there is a constant hum.  Actually Vancouver has a constant roar, 24/7.  A constant roar of people, planes, trains and automobiles.  One does not need to be a land use planner or an civil engineer to see that there are far to many vehicles per square kilometre here.  When the electric cars finally come on mass, I hope things quiet down a bit then.  I think people’s nervous systems are pretty stressed here.   Or numbed out?

From this Burnaby camp ground there are some nice bike paths and even an equestrian area around the nearby Burnaby lake.  Kinda Kool.  I wish I had one of Bill & Denises’ horses with me!. Lol.  Those little Blazer horses would be perfect for in the city!

The planners built bike/walking trails along the tops of sewer ROWs. (Right of Ways) Smart but smelly at points. πŸ˜’

Graffiti under a bridge along the bike trials.  Hmm, could be a nice place to camp?  Colourful.

The other night I met up with an old buddy of mine, Micheal J. Hewitt.  I’ve known Mike since I was 15.  He was the koolest Dude in high school and probably the koolest lawyer in the lower mainland.  We played some golf at the Seymour Golf and Country Club.  Very up scale from being under the bridge. πŸ™ƒ.  Thanks for the round of golf and dinner there Mick.  Always great to see old friends, they ground me. 

Oops, sorry Mike I forgot to get you to sign a release to let me post this image on social media!  No worries, no one reads this thing! 🀠.  And I still wanna see some pics from your African trip!

Here are some standard “Vancouver” pics;

This is Kits pool.  133 m I’m told.  Lol.  And saltwater.  I went for a nice late afternoon swim but didn’t do any laps. 😁.  I More just like the suntanning in saltwater and people watching aspect. Lol.  But that is Stanley Park and the down town across the bay.

I also checked out Granville island.  Whoa, talk about El Touriste!  Eh!

If you go to Granville Island don’t bother attempting to park on the island.  Park higher up and walk in.  Too crazy in there!  Especially if you’re driving a truck! 🀠

It’s funny how these pictures look so nice and peaceful. Lol. Auditorily it was a beehive.  This last pic shows a busker.  An amazing muscisian from a Dublin I believe?  

Looking forward to getting out of the city.  I’ll keep you posted.  Cheers! 😎

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