Pemberton, Nairn Falls

New digs.

Nice to be back in a park.

Nairn Falls

El Touriste!

This is Green River.  They’re not big on creative names here.

Hanging out in Pemberton these days.  Wow, I couldn’t believe that highway from Horseshoe Bay to here.  I remember in the early ’90’s when it was a two lane goat path.  Now its a 4 lane 10th wonder of the world with box stores, traffic lights, strip malls and casinos!  It’s amazing what man can do.  Did they build that highway for the Squamish casino?  Lol.

Interesting how it was ok to build that along with new transmission lines and distribution lines and sewer lines to run automobiles, bumper to bumper up the coast but not ok to pipeline Alberta oil across the province.  I’d bet the pollution created by more people driving up here dwarfs pipeline potential spills.  Not to mention the urban sprawl all along Hwy 99 of homes and businesses. Eh, what do I know?  I’m just yapping with my Landman hat on. Lol. 🤠 Where is the fuel coming from for all these vehicles?!

How long has that casino been there I wonder?  I’m not a gambler.  Unless we’re betting on NFL spreads. 🙃.  But I sure wish I had of had some money 20 years ago and some brains to buy some sort of property between Squamish and Pemberton.  I’d be loaded now!  Oh well, next life.

I’m camping at Nairn Falls.  Did a little 4 km hike there yesterday.  Pretty nice.  Found a lake only a mile towards Pemberton, conveniently named,  1 Mile Lake.  Good swimming.  I rode my bike here today on the highway. Not bad, minimal traffic.  But then I thought I’d take the trail through the woods back.  Or I should say up the mountain!  I only suffered a slight heart attack and mild stroke.  To winded to even take any pics. Ok now.  Mental note:  mountain lakes are generally at the bottom of the mountain.  Unless in shape—use motorized vehicle! 😆

From a dock at 1 Mile lake, Pemberton.  Life’s good. 😎. Smoke rolling in from fires north east of here. 

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