Took off from Pemberton today, zipped down to Horseshoe Bay and caught a ferry to Gibsons.  Nothing to it!  

It’s amazing how many vehicles they get on these things.

I’m in a small RV/Par 3 golf course just outside of Gibsons for the night.  I had to go into town and check out old Mollys Reach.  Most of you would remember the Beach Combers I’m sure!  CBC Sunday nights just befor Walt Disney!

I might stay in a Gibsons.  Mollys is looking for a Dishwasher!  Who wouldn’t want to work here!  Actually they are looking for all staff, so I asked the waiter if there was a flood of people wanting to work here, sadly he said no.

Drinks for all my friends!

The Persephone sure seemed bigger on TV.

I had actually met Relic once in the ’90’s.  I was painting a house in North Vancouver and he was doing some welding on some stair railing for the owners, they were friends.  However all I did was say hello as I passed by cause I didn’t even recognize him.  After he had left the owners then told me it was Relic!  Geez, that was my one brush with fame!  Lol.  

Notice how I missed the pole on the right! 😎

I like Gibsons.  Don’t know what people do here?  Log?  Fish?  Beach Comb?

Going north today to take the second ferry up to Powell River and then on to Lund.  Kinda excited about that.  I’ve never been that far up the coast.  Now it feels like I’m adventuring again!   Cheers! 🤠😎

2 thoughts on “Gibsons!

  1. Glad to see you haven’t been recruited to fight fires! Gibsons looks beautiful – what an adventure. Take care


    1. Hi Trish. Now I’m further up the coast and in Lund. This place is a gem. But Very lousy internet and even worse phone service so I haven’t been able to update blog. I’m gonna stay up here for a while as I’m actually thinking Powell River might be the place for me! Nice to hear from u!


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