Lund, BC!

Hanging out still in Lund BC with the local yokals. My good friend Robbin here grew up here!

Arbutus tree & me.

This is in Lund at mile "0" of Hwy 101. Apparently this Hwy goes all the way down the west coast to Peru or somewhere in South America?

Entrance to campground from the boardwalk.

Go west young man!

The above are some wood carving on Willingdon Beach in Powell River. That's John Edwards from Olds. He's living here now and was giving me the grand tour. Thanks John! Lund is 27 km from Powell River.

I've decided to hang out on the coast for at least another week? And see what transpires. I still have to go to Savery Island, do some kayaking and maybe some fishing? For Orca obviously.😎


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