Fishing with Capt’n Don!

Went fishing the other evening with Capt’n Don Bolton.  Robbins aunts boyfriend.  I used to think farmers were pretty tough, ocean farmers might be a little tougher!

We went out for salmon but unfortunately only caught a lousy dog fish.  To bad.  But it was a beautiful evening and it was great hearing old stories and some history about the area from Don.  Not to mention how interesting it was to see how to fish for salmon.

Basically two Louwers are sunk with a 15 lb canyon ball like weight to a desired depth, 250 feet in this case.  The sounder and Capt’n tries to locate bait, schools of herring the salmon feed on.  Then hopefully the salmon will chomp on your herring like louwer?  Hmm, I don’t know how to spell “louwer” ?  Nor does the

Don’s been fishing in these waters for 40 yrs.  and been a fisherman pretty much is whole life.  Or since he won a fishing boat in a poker game when he was a teenager! 😎

One thing that you don’t hear Trudeau or the province talking about much is the pollution the jets create.  These are not clouds, this is jet fuel exhaust.  Jets non stop curve down into Vancouver, Vancouver island and Seattle through here.  This type of pollution is big in every major city vacinity.  It all falls to the ground eventually.   The locals have watched it get worse over the last 50 yrs.  I’m told environmentalists have been aware of it since the ’50s.  I’m told it also gets caught in the planets airstreams and circulates to the north and falls.  That is why health and water is pretty poor the farther north you go.

The coast is still holding its beauty though.  I’m off to Comox on Vancouver island next to see what adventures I can find there.  Happy trails!

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