Comox BC

I'm hanging out in Comox BC for a week I figure. This weekend I'll hit a little Festival called the Filberg Festival. There'll be some fairly big names there; Barney Bentall (holy '80s flashback), Jim Brynes (blues), David Gogo. Delhi 2 Dublin and a bunch of other acts. I'll let u know how it goes. The main thing is that I meet some hippie chics! 🤔

I'm camping close to Comox, Courtney seems the place to be tho. Here u gotta watch out for deer, racoons, bicycles and old farts driving on the roads. My truck barely fits on the road! But this Comox Valley sure is beautiful. Could be on the top of my list so far for places to relocate.

Comox coastlines and marina. Not very good pics tho.

The winds have changed and the smoke from the fires has reached the coast. It's kind of eerie. That, combined with +33c temps, its surreal.

Not that I'm a tree hugger or anything but after hanging out on the ocean for a few weeks and seeing the marinas and beaches and homes, it's sad to see how we treat the ocean like a big septic tank and still throw every bit of waste and toxins in there. I guess Canada isn't as bad as some countries? We must be the only species on the planet that polluted their own food sources? On land and at sea. Thanks for that Mr. Ford and Mr. Rockefeller! Ok, that's my rant for the day. Lol.

Hmm, I wonder if they are hiring any land agents again back in AB?lol🤠. I'm gonna have to work soon! Holy hippo-crit!

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