Comox Filberg Festival & Better Sex In A Tent.

Hi, I've been hanging out at the Filberg Festival for the last few days.  It's a craft fair and music festival to help raise money to support the Filberg park that it takes place in.  A very beautiful park.  Amazing craft booths here and great musicians.

That's David Gogo on the stage.  Hmm I should have zoomed.  He's a wicked slide guitar player.

I don't know if it's my age or what but it's starting to feel like, "if you've been to one music / craft festival, you've been to them all!"  Heesh, I must be getting old? 🤔

Still big time smoky here and it kinda depresses ya.  I now wonder if this is a premonition for how things will be in the future on the planet?  Volcanization/green house effect/mass forest fires/co2 dense in the atmosphere.  In all likelyhood yes, as it's happened about 5-6 times before.  Eg.  Planet heats up, ice ages cool it down.  Look at that, I did learn something at Olds College!

Suppose to meet up with some cousins tomorrow?  After that, it's time to get off this island!  I'm feeling like Gilligan!

Bonus track!  Here's a better version of Sex In A Tent, at least I think so!?  They would have loved it at the Filberg!  🤠

YouTube link if video doesn't work!

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