Cousins at The Filberg Festival, Still in Comox!

Notice the Raptor made of driftwood in the background. Marty wants it for a house warming present for his new place, if anyone is looking for gift ideas?!🙃 Cousins Marty, Stacey & me.

Today I met up with my islander cousins Stacey and Marty and Stace's husband Jeff. Caught up a bit after what, a decade? Sooo nice to see you guys!

Bunch a dudes hanging out in front of the Filberg house.  Stacey's hubby Jeff, Marty & Moi.  It was built from 1927 to 1932. Amazing craftsmanship in a '30's Art Deco kind of style. You could see why it took 5 yrs to build, by hand, once you go inside. Sorry, forgot to take interior pics!😜

These are water fountains made out of old instruments. For sale at the Festival.

Great seeing you guys and finally meeting Jeffrey there Stace!  Kool name Jeff!

Hopefully we can hang out some more!😎🤠 Cheers!

Cousin Marty found the Golden Ticket. He's off to see Willie Wanka!

3 thoughts on “Cousins at The Filberg Festival, Still in Comox!

  1. Great to see you and hang out doing something new. This blog is great and am so glad you are enjoying this adventure. Cheers!


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