Homeward Bound

Well, I haven't posted for a while.  I haven't taken any good pictures, to much smoke everywhere!

I've been laying low in places like Nanaimo. (I've met many people from Nanaimo when I lived in Banff, once upon a time.  Man they were all Squirrely.  Or perhaps we all were back then?  Them just more so.).  

Vancouver Island June bug!

Then I escaped that crazy smoky island finally and headed to Sunshine Valley, south of Hope.  It wasn't sunny but good to see rain.  Everything past Hope is beyond Hope, as my cousin Marty said. Lol.

Then I went and revisited Christina lake again.  Holy Tent city.  Or I should say trailer city.  It was like living in the Projects.  It's super hard to get in the provincial parks, they are all booked up!  Well worth being able to swim everyday in a lake!  Not a fan of the Canadian Pacific Ocean for swimming.  Yuck!  So I hung out at the lake for a few days.  The smoke was clearing a bit and got some sun.

From there, I'm back in Cranbrook now.   I'll hang here for a bit then head to the Crowsnest.  Then home.

This journey originally started out as a quest to find somewhere beautiful to press re-start.  Start all over.  Friends had suggested to travel because travelling allows one to step back, or look back at their life  and see what they have.  Or give a person a different perspective.  I had forgotten how travelling can do that.  Good advice my friends.  

This little excursion showed me that I've got a pretty good infrastructure set up there in Olds.  I've got good friends, musical friends, spiritual friends, sports friends.  A home, music festivals, the mountains and lakes are right there, and now I have a trailer to explore with.  A health team in Calgary, and some family still in Alberta.  It didn't add up to throw all that away and try to rebuild.  I am so tired of re-starting my life over and over again it's not funny.  The grass is not always greener on the other side of the septic tanks.  And I've learnt that each little town or city has its own lists of positives and negatives.  So for now I feel the place to be is Olds.

I was also told by someone wiser than I (can you believe it?). That roots are established by relationships.  I'm getting old, and I like meeting friends in the isles of the Olds grocery stores and having meaningful conversations.  I like meeting new and old friends at the coffee shops and the open mic coffee house.  To re establish all that would take some years. Lol.

Anyhow my dear friends I'm rambling now so I just want to say, I shall return.  And when I get settled again, we'll have another BBQ at my place to celebrate our friendships and Olds!

I look forward to getting home.  To bad I'll have to live in my basement for a bit till the renters move out (or my trailer) but that's ok!  

I'll see you soon!  Salute!


Unfortunately I'm gonna need a job.  Darn.  So if anyone hears of anything, please let me know. Cheers! 😎. And remember…..Sex in a Tent can be fun!!!🤠

5 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. Hi 😊 It’s nice that you’re trip made you feel settled. We look forward to having you back and celebrating with a bar b que πŸŽ‰


  2. Been out of touch with your blogs as have been travelling the beautiful Maritime provinces. What an amazing country we live in!! Having said that, Olds is pretty special as well, will be good to catch up with you again Geoff!


  3. Right on Geoff! Good to hear your heading home and feel like you want to be there. It’s good to know. I look forward to catching up at the bar b q.


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