The Present

On The Miracle of The Present, by Marianne Williamson.

“It’s nothing more than a mental habit to idealize another time, another condition, another reality.  It is simply a way to avoid the reality of our lives right now.  And in avoiding the reality of our present circumstances, we avoid the miracles they offer.  Everyone does this because thats the way the ego mind works.  But we can stare down this self-defeating habit and cultivate a truer perspective: that wherever we are is the perfect place, and whatever time it is now is the perfect time.  That doesn’t mean we can’t or shouldn’t improve things, particularly ourselves.  But indulging the thought that if only we were somewhere else things would be better is a surefire way to experience pain.”

It’s funny how I come across quotes that seem to be directed right at me, when I need to see them the most.  Cheers!

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