The Present

On The Miracle of The Present, by Marianne Williamson. “It’s nothing more than a mental habit to idealize another time, another condition, another reality.  It is simply a way to avoid the reality of our lives right now.  And in avoiding the reality of our present circumstances, we avoid the miracles they offer.  Everyone does […]

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Homeward Bound

Well, I haven't posted for a while.  I haven't taken any good pictures, to much smoke everywhere! I've been laying low in places like Nanaimo. (I've met many people from Nanaimo when I lived in Banff, once upon a time.  Man they were all Squirrely.  Or perhaps we all were back then?  Them just more […]

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Comox BC

I'm hanging out in Comox BC for a week I figure. This weekend I'll hit a little Festival called the Filberg Festival. There'll be some fairly big names there; Barney Bentall (holy '80s flashback), Jim Brynes (blues), David Gogo. Delhi 2 Dublin and a bunch of other acts. I'll let u know how it goes. […]

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Fishing with Capt’n Don!

Went fishing the other evening with Capt’n Don Bolton.  Robbins aunts boyfriend.  I used to think farmers were pretty tough, ocean farmers might be a little tougher! We went out for salmon but unfortunately only caught a lousy dog fish.  To bad.  But it was a beautiful evening and it was great hearing old stories […]

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Powell River & Forestry.

Stopped into the forestry museum in Powell, accidentally really cause it was at the beach. Lol.  Willingdon Beach. The pulp mill here was once the largest in the world employing 3,000 people.  Now just 300.  So lumber is or was king here.  Popped in though pretty much to check it out for my arborist neighbours, […]

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Savory Island, BC

Off the Sunshine Coast across from Lund is the closest Canada gets to a tropical island.  The other day Robbin, her cousin Christine, her son Cohen and I took the water taxi over to explore.  Pretty nice.  Here are some pics. I haven’t been able to update the blog well these days because internet and […]

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Kayaking in Lund!

It was a beautiful calm evening the other night so Robbin and I rented some kayaks and headed north for an hour. Saw some sea lions, jellyfish, blue herons and some beautiful scenery. Thankfully no Killer whales! Different ball game kayaking on the ocean! Oops, thumb! Micheal Buble's place. He didn't invite us in! Harbour […]

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