Lund, BC!

Hanging out still in Lund BC with the local yokals. My good friend Robbin here grew up here! Arbutus tree & me. This is in Lund at mile "0" of Hwy 101. Apparently this Hwy goes all the way down the west coast to Peru or somewhere in South America? Entrance to campground from the […]

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Lund, BC!

Above: Old water wheel built in the ’50’s I believe for power generation. Now this place is beautiful!  Ive been here a couple days now but it’s been rainy, which is good!  Just waiting for my friend/tour guide Robbin to get here.  She’s from Olds but raised in Lund, as most of u know.  Can’t […]

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Took off from Pemberton today, zipped down to Horseshoe Bay and caught a ferry to Gibsons.  Nothing to it!   It’s amazing how many vehicles they get on these things. I’m in a small RV/Par 3 golf course just outside of Gibsons for the night.  I had to go into town and check out old […]

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Pemberton, Nairn Falls

New digs. Nice to be back in a park. Nairn Falls El Touriste! This is Green River.  They’re not big on creative names here. Hanging out in Pemberton these days.  Wow, I couldn’t believe that highway from Horseshoe Bay to here.  I remember in the early ’90’s when it was a two lane goat path. […]

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I figure when Eden is burning the safest place to be is by the ocean.  But it’s time to set sail from Vancouver and head north up the coast.  I’m off to Nairn Falls by Pemberton today. Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in a small town for the last 11 years but here in the […]

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I’ve been hanging out in the funky Kitsilano district of Vancouver.  Here is Kits beach.  Unfortunately it was a grey day but after the Okanagan it was welcome.  However, after sitting at the beach for only a few minutes, I missed the sun already! This is Burrard Inlet I believe?  Or English Bay? I was […]

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They Paved Paradise…..

As Joni Mitchell once sang;  they did pave paradise and put up a parking lot! I’m staying at Burnaby Cariboo Rv and campground in Burnaby BC.  I wonder if Cariboo ever did go through here?  What I now notice more with the west coast and BC in general, is that the wilderness is just at […]

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Book List

Picture above: High atop on the Coquihalla connector I’ve decided to share and create a book list.  This travelling is a bit of a pilgrimage for me, a re-connection, a different or maybe a more remembered perspective on life, now that I think of it.  Along the way I have ran into several intuitive people, […]

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Westbank Orchard

Well I’ve left The orchard and Westbank.  Talk about hot, talk about traffic.  It was interesting in the orchard to say the least.  One thing to remember when crashing in an orchard is that it is a farm.  Roosters crowing, tractors, bird guns going off at 5:30 am, people coming and going to pick cherries. […]

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