Thoughts: June 21. “From my obscurity came forth a light and illuminated my path.” Kahil Gibran

The Kootenay River above.

“If you want your life to change, you must make the space in your life to create.” Janice Gallant.

That is a quote from Janice’s new book called, The Creation Guild.  Yes that is Janice Gallant from Olds.  I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her but one of her paintings has hung in my living room for many years now.

She has written an interesting little book about how to create the life you want.  And coincidentally I picked it up just a few days before I left.  It’s not about becoming an artist or writer or sculpter etc, it’s about learning how to tap into universal creative source energy, which is the true you.  Not the zombie punching a clock everyday waiting to get back home to the TV or waiting for retirement.  It’s living with purpose and joy, moment to moment, day to day.  Which is what I’m trying to do out here.  Feel the flow, feel the guidance.  Easy to say, tough to do. Lol.

Janice has combined several people’s ideas along with her own great insights.  Teachers such as Abraham-Hicks, Wayne Dwyer and A Course in Miracles.  All stuff I’ve read intensively, So it is a great compilation and motivational book for my little adventure. 😎

I picked it up at Suzanne Hampson’s Kambucha Bar and Wellness Studio.  A.K.A, “The Bar.”  If you haven’t popped into Suzanne’s store yet to say hello, or have a Kambucha, coffee, yoga class or take one of her other upcoming funky classes, you should.  She’s just another one of those really good people you should meet along your journey.
***This is not a paid promotional post!  Lol😆*** just sharing!




2 thoughts on “Thoughts: June 21. “From my obscurity came forth a light and illuminated my path.” Kahil Gibran

  1. Geoff, your blog was just pointed out to me by a friend and your kind words fill my heart. Hearing your connection to the words in my book inspire me! Your blog is also very inspirational and I will follow along in your travels. Enjoy!


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